NEWS:  Watkins partners with A Glass of™

NEWS: Watkins partners with A Glass of™


In a collaboration that is setting the Australian wine scene abuzz, Watkins has joined forces with A Glass Of, bringing an exceptional offering to wine lovers across the nation. This partnership showcases the 2022 Langhorne Creek Grenache.

Shanteh Wale, the Curator Behind the List

A Glass Of’s list of wines comes from the discerning palate of Shanteh Wale, a name that resonates with authority and passion within the Australian wine community. As a 3x nominee for Good Food & Wine's Sommelier of the Year, a respected Wine Reviewer at Halliday Wine Companion, and the creative force behind a popular wine podcast, Shanteh brings a wealth of knowledge and a keen sense of what makes a wine truly special. Her selection for A Glass Of features five of her favorite wines from across Australia, including notable regions like VIC, SA, WA, and NSW, each chosen for its unique character and the story it tells of its origin.

Shanteh’s enthusiasm for Watkins' partnership is palpable. "Sammy Watkins is a dude and he also makes wine like a boss," she praises. 

Shanteh's experience with the 2022 Langhorne Creek Grenache left her hoping for one reaction: "YUM." She describes the wine as showcasing "the Langhorne Creek intensity of fruit without any unnecessary oak to muddy it up," calling it "perfectly ripe Grenache" that is "delicious." Her playful warning that one glass might merely be "foreplay" for the desire to buy more speaks volumes of the wine's allure.

A Glass Of: Pioneering Sustainability in Wine Enjoyment

A Glass Of is not just another player in the wine industry. As a proud local start-up, it embodies the spirit of innovation and sustainability. It is a certified member of the Australian Made Campaign, ensuring that consumers are supporting local businesses and producers. However, what sets A Glass Of apart is its pioneering packaging solution. The wine is presented in foil-lined pouches, an ingenious approach to preserving the integrity of the wine by providing an excellent barrier against oxygen and light, the two most formidable enemies of wine's freshness.
These pouches are a testament to A Glass Of's commitment to environmental sustainability. They are not only recyclable but also require significantly less energy and water to produce compared to traditional glass bottles. Their lightweight nature means lower transport costs and a substantial reduction in CO2 emissions. By choosing A Glass Of, consumers are not just enjoying a glass of exquisite wine; they are also making a responsible choice for the planet.

A Toast to Innovation and Quality

The partnership between Watkins and A Glass Of represents a bold step forward in the Australian wine industry. It combines the traditional excellence of Australian winemaking with innovative, sustainable practices that answer today's environmental challenges. Shanteh Wale's curated selection, highlighted by the Langhorne Creek Grenache, invites wine lovers to explore the rich tapestry of Australian wines in a way that is both enjoyable and responsible.

To purchase visit the A Glass of™ website via this link: A Glass of®

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