2022 Grenache

2022 Grenache

SIZE 750mL
TYPE Lighter/Medium Bodied Red

Brilliant ruby with purple hues in colour in the glass

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A blend of 2 separate blocks from the 1 vineyard. The earlier pick (March 25) received a 6 day cold soak followed by 11 days of extraction on skins, the later (March 30) received 5 days of cold soak followed by 8 days on skins. The earlier picked showing perfume and spice, while the later picked shows earthiness and complexity. Made organically and sent to bottle 4 months after harvest.

The Vineyard

The maritime influence at our Langhorne Creek vineyard that is created by the afternoon sea breezes allows fruit flavours to evolve without excessive sugar production. The limestone based soils create wines of power and elegance with great varietal character. This vineyard is ideal for precision control over water use on the vines and known to provide more structural wines.


1 - 7 years

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Awards + Reviews

Huon Hooke, The Real Review

91 Points

Deep red-purple colour; rich ripe nose with pepper/spice notes and some evidence of oak influence, all well integrated.

Melbourne Int. Wine Show 2023

Silver Medal

Nicole Bilson (Wine Pilot)

91 Points

Angus Hughson (Wine Pilot)

92 Points

Shanteh Wale (Wine Pilot)

95 Points

This is significantly under priced and a wonder of a wine. Drink alone or with guests, with your dog for company.

Sam Kim

92 Points

Winestate Magazine

92 Points

Wine Showcase Magazine

94 Points

Angus Hughson (Wine Pilot)

92 Points

Taste profile

Primary flavors


One of the tartest red fruits, raspberry has a distinctive flavour and aroma that’s relished in desserts and confectionery. Given these characteristics, it’s more commonly detected as a primary aroma in ripe and fruit-forward red wines with medium to high acidity.

Rose Petal

Rose petal flavour is highly aromatic and may be described as similar to a basket of fruits, nasturtium or cloves.


Fruit flavors in red wines typically fall into two different categories: red fruit and black fruit flavors. Cherry flavour falls into the red fruit categories but the cherry flavours span from red to black, and fresh to sweet. Confusing! Red Cherries can typically be found in young Grenache. Black Cherries are found in mature Pinot Noir.

Secondary flavors


Floral notes bloom delicately—a fragrant symphony of blossoms such as white blossom or orange blossom. Their ethereal presence adds a nuanced elegance, uplifting the palate for an aromatic taste.

Earthy Notes

Earthiness is an umbrella term for aroma and flavour compounds suggestive of mushrooms, vegetation, wet leaves, graphite, tobacco plants, herbs, potting soil, root vegetables, and hay bales. Usually most commonly found in red wines and only sometimes in whites.