2020 Cabernet Sauvignon

2020 Cabernet Sauvignon

SIZE 750mL
TYPE Full Bodied Red
VARIETAL Cabernet Sauvignon

Deep garnet colour in the glass

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Cool nights have helped to retain varietal Cabernet character, while an extended hang time in the ripening season has built some mid-palate generosity. This mid palate is finished off with an addition of 10% Merlot, and a combination of medium and high toast American and French oak, all of which builds layers of complexity and draws out the finish of the palate.

The Vineyard

The maritime influence at our Langhorne Creek vineyard that is created by the afternoon sea breezes allows fruit flavours to evolve without excessive sugar production. The limestone based soils create wines of power and elegance with great varietal character. This vineyard is ideal for precision control over water use on the vines and
known to provide more structural wines.


1 - 10 years

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Awards + Reviews

Melbourne Int. Wine Show 2023

Silver Medal

Wine Enthusiast

91 Points

Wine Showcase Magazine

94 Points


92 Points

Ray Jordan (Wine Pilot)

92 Points

Smooth and sumptuous mid palate is a feature linked directly to the region.

Wine Orbit - Sam Kim

93 Points

Stuart Knox, The Real Review

90 Points

Deep and dense ruby red in the glass. Blackcurrant and damp earth aromas. Ripe black fruits, hints of green pepper and a firm mineral tannin

Ken Gargett (Wine Pilot)

93 Points

Yet another example of just how good, and what brilliant value, reds from this most underrated of regions can be.

Patrick Eckel

92 Points

Taste profile

Primary flavors


While some wines smell remarkably blue, only a few wines taste distinctly of the actual blueberry fruit. Instead the flavor can often be found hiding in layers of taste, swirled amongst other fruits in a decidedly delicious blue concoction of floral sweetness and acidity.


Black currants have a strong, tart taste due to the high levels of tannins. These berries have strong, earthy tones. People describe the taste as grape-like flavor and are acidic to taste with hints of cherry.


Blackberry is a primary fruit aroma found in red wine and often tastes earthy and rustic, sometimes with a sweet edge.

Secondary flavors


The eucalyptus aroma in red wines has also been described as being spicy and mint-like. Eucalyptus is strongly associated with particular locations, such as Langhorne Creek Cabernet Sauvignon.

Bay Leaf

Bay leaf imparts a savory flavour - similarly to its effect on a traditional Spaghetti Bolognaise - the flavour of bay leaf in wine is herbaceous or reminiscent of green olive.