Lucid Dream Rose (4-pack)

Lucid Dream Rose (4-pack)

SIZE 250mL

Conveniently packed in single serve cans with sustainability in mind.

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Tasting Notes

Colour Salmon pink

Aroma Subtle and refreshing savoury notes up front which lead into cherries and strawberries on the nose

Palate A dry palate balanced between fresh fruit and lingering acidity

Food Pairing

Drink as an aperitif with soft, light cheeses or fresh seafood.


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Taste profile

Primary flavors


A perfectly ripe plucked strawberry offers the quintessence of flavor. And what a flavor! Juicy. Tangy. Fresh. While perhaps not equal to the pleasure of summer foraging, finding notes of strawberry in wine yields delight in good measure.


Fruit flavors in red wines typically fall into two different categories: red fruit and black fruit flavors. Cherry flavour falls into the red fruit categories but the cherry flavours span from red to black, and fresh to sweet. Confusing! Red Cherries can typically be found in young Grenache. Black Cherries are found in mature Pinot Noir.


One of the tartest red fruits, raspberry has a distinctive flavour and aroma that’s relished in desserts and confectionery. Given these characteristics, it’s more commonly detected as a primary aroma in ripe and fruit-forward red wines with medium to high acidity.

Secondary flavors

Rose Petal

Rose petal flavour is highly aromatic and may be described as similar to a basket of fruits, nasturtium or cloves.


Minerality refers to a flavor profile and often a palpable sensation in the mouth. The flavors described generally have to do with rocks or fossils, such as stone, river rock, flint, gravel, slate, asphalt and oyster shell.