2022 Ruscello Sangiovese

2022 Ruscello Sangiovese

SIZE 750mL
TYPE Medium Bodied Red
VARIETAL Sangiovese

Garnet in colour in the glass

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Tasting Notes

Aroma Ripe cherry and fresh earth
Palate A wine with a killer acid line and big structural tannins balanced with generous lashings of integrated fruit and oak.

Food Pairing

Sangiovese is an absolute knock out wine with anything Italian; pizza and pasta of all sorts, tomato based sauces or even a creamy mushroom risotto.


1 - 10 years

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Taste profile

Primary flavors


Fruit flavors in red wines typically fall into two different categories: red fruit and black fruit flavors. Cherry flavour falls into the red fruit categories but the cherry flavours span from red to black, and fresh to sweet. Confusing! Red Cherries can typically be found in young Grenache. Black Cherries are found in mature Pinot Noir.

Forest floor

Forest floor in wine is traditionally a tertiary aroma that comes from ageing a bottle in some red wines. It's associated with similar notes of mushroom and leather which can develop over time. You might also find a wine that is described as 'earthy' will have a smell of wet forest floor.

Bay Leaf

Bay leaf imparts a savory flavour - similarly to its effect on a traditional Spaghetti Bolognaise - the flavour of bay leaf in wine is herbaceous or reminiscent of green olive.

Secondary flavors

Earthy Notes

Earthiness is an umbrella term for aroma and flavour compounds suggestive of mushrooms, vegetation, wet leaves, graphite, tobacco plants, herbs, potting soil, root vegetables, and hay bales. Usually most commonly found in red wines and only sometimes in whites.


Blackberry is a primary fruit aroma found in red wine and often tastes earthy and rustic, sometimes with a sweet edge.