2021 Wavemaker Merlot

2021 Wavemaker Merlot

SIZE 750mL
TYPE Medium Bodied Red

Deep ruby red in colour in the glass

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Our Langhorne Creek Merlot was picked on the 17th of April and then spent 10 days on skins which assisted in getting great colour, structure and a rich, generous midpalate. It has spent a ratio of 2:1 American to French oak for a short period of time. No finings were used, it was filtered and bottled 16 months after ferment, while fresh and aromatic.

The Vineyard

The maritime influence at our Langhorne Creek vineyard that is created by the afternoon sea breezes allows fruit flavours to evolve without excessive sugar production. The limestone based soils create wines of power and elegance with great varietal character. This vineyard is ideal for precision control over water use on the vines and known to provide more structural wines.


1 - 8 years

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Awards + Reviews

Ken Gargett

90 Points

A gentle texture with fine tannins and acidity, and a lingering finish.

Wine Showcase Magazine

93 Points

Melbourne International Wine Show

Silver Medal

James Halliday

90 Points

This merlot is full to the brim with fleshy/fruity flavours and an amiable flow along the palate.

Shanteh Wale

91 Points

This has had the time to fold into itself with bottle age and for its mid twenty price tag that’s pretty smick.

Taste profile

Primary flavors


While some wines smell remarkably blue, only a few wines taste distinctly of the actual blueberry fruit. Instead the flavor can often be found hiding in layers of taste, swirled amongst other fruits in a decidedly delicious blue concoction of floral sweetness and acidity.


Blackberry is a primary fruit aroma found in red wine and often tastes earthy and rustic, sometimes with a sweet edge.


The flavors of Plums can span from red to black, from freshness to sweetness to Prunes. Red Plum flavors are found in easy-drinking red wines. Black Plum flavors are found in full bodied red wines.

Secondary flavors

Earthy Notes

Earthiness is an umbrella term for aroma and flavour compounds suggestive of mushrooms, vegetation, wet leaves, graphite, tobacco plants, herbs, potting soil, root vegetables, and hay bales. Usually most commonly found in red wines and only sometimes in whites.

Forest floor

Forest floor in wine is traditionally a tertiary aroma that comes from ageing a bottle in some red wines. It's associated with similar notes of mushroom and leather which can develop over time. You might also find a wine that is described as 'earthy' will have a smell of wet forest floor.