2021 Symmetry GSM

2021 Symmetry GSM

SIZE 750mL
TYPE Medium Bodied Red
VARIETAL Grenache, Shiraz, Mouvedre

Medium ruby in colour in the glass

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35% Grenache with a 6 day cold soak followed by 10 days of gentle extraction of skins 33% Shiraz with 7 days of working the skins for maximum colour and structure 32% Mourvèdre 13 days of gentle hand plunging skins. Mourvedre saw 11 months in aged oak Shiraz saw 4:1 ratio of American to Hungarian oak Grenache kept as fresh as possible in stainless steel.


The Vineyard

The maritime influence at our Langhorne Creek vineyard that is created by the afternoon sea breezes allows fruit flavours to evolve without excessive sugar production. The limestone based soils create wines of power and elegance with great varietal character. This vineyard is ideal for precision control over water use on the vines and known to provide more structural wines.


1 - 8 years

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Awards + Reviews

Wine Showcase Magazine

94 Points

Melbourne International Wine Show

Gold Medal

Sam Kim

90 Points

Attractively ripe and immediately appealing with dark cherry, vanilla, thyme and hazelnut aromas on the nose. It's beautifully smooth and ro

Ken Gargett

91 Points

Every bottle from this underrated region, Langhorne Creek, can seemingly guarantee flavour and value.

Ray Jordan

91 Points

A bright and lively medium bodied blend offering lots of current drinking appeal.

Taste profile

Primary flavors


A perfectly ripe plucked strawberry offers the quintessence of flavor. And what a flavor! Juicy. Tangy. Fresh. While perhaps not equal to the pleasure of summer foraging, finding notes of strawberry in wine yields delight in good measure.


One of the tartest red fruits, raspberry has a distinctive flavour and aroma that’s relished in desserts and confectionery. Given these characteristics, it’s more commonly detected as a primary aroma in ripe and fruit-forward red wines with medium to high acidity.


Fruit flavors in red wines typically fall into two different categories: red fruit and black fruit flavors. Cherry flavour falls into the red fruit categories but the cherry flavours span from red to black, and fresh to sweet. Confusing! Red Cherries can typically be found in young Grenache. Black Cherries are found in mature Pinot Noir.

Secondary flavors


The flavors of Plums can span from red to black, from freshness to sweetness to Prunes. Red Plum flavors are found in easy-drinking red wines. Black Plum flavors are found in full bodied red wines.

Black Pepper

With some wines, you could be forgiven for thinking someone had sneakily ground some pepper into your glass. Overall, the characteristic flavour of black peppercorns is spicy, woody, warm, terpy and herbaceous.