2021 Chardonnay

2021 Chardonnay

SIZE 750mL
TYPE White Wine
VARIETAL Chardonnay

Bright gold in colour in the glass

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This wine was crafted with minimal intervention winemaking including wild fermentation and whole bunch pressings. Gentle pressings and handling of the grapes, coupled with light handed oak treatment has created a perfectly balanced wine with structure and fruit characters showing off the terroir and regionalist of Macclesfield. Extended lees and solids contact during ferment promote biscuit and flinty notes.

The Vineyard

The grapes were sourced from the Saint-Clare Vineyard in Macclesfield, Adelaide Hills. Delicately handled, the grapes were hand-picked on the 19th of February 2021.


1 - 10 years

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Awards + Reviews

Ned Goowdin

94 Points

Texturally chewy, moreish and persuasive. Very good drinking.

Nicole Bilson (Wine Pilot)

94 Points

It dances in your mouth with an incredible balance between zesty citrus flavours, pith-like texture and bright acidity.

Shanteh Wale (Wine Pilot)

93 Points

This is Chardonnay with something to hold onto. Ripe melon and lemon butter, candied apple and vanilla biscotti.

Lester Jesberg

92 Points

A rich, peachy style that is pleasingly textural, with a balanced grip contributing a dry feel to the finish.

Tom Kline

93 Points

Green apple and lemon cut through clotted cream with that briney, salty element thereafter

Taste profile

Primary flavors


Vanilla is a result of oak aging. The wood acts as a seasoning to add flavor and texture to a wine.


Most of the fruity notes you can taste in wines are from phenols. Phenols are chemical compounds that affect the way you taste a wine. Grapefruit flavour can also be described as grapefruit pith or quince fruit.


Lemon imparts crisp, zesty notes dance on the palate. From zest to pith to juice to candied rind, from salty eggy lemon curd to sweeter tangy flesh, lemon flavour often lives where wine’s acidity crackles.

Secondary flavors


The main defining factors of honey are its sweetness and its viscosity. Therefore as a tasting note it's often applied to sweeter wines or dessert wines, which are more syrupy in taste and density than other wines.

Green Apple

A wine tasting ‘green’ is not the same as having flavours from the ‘green fruit’ category, such as green apple and pear. Green apple flavour enhances wine with a tangy or crisp element.