Tawny Port

Tawny Port

SIZE 750mL
TYPE Fortified

Tawny red in colour in the glass

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This Blended Tawny is a unique blend of 4 different barrels including both young and older material. The result is a delectable hybrid style of tawny with the best of old world and new world characteristics. The young material is estate grown 2018 Watkins Langhorne Creek Grenache barrel aged for 42 months showing raspberries on the nose with a hint of developed caramel characters in the background adding complexity. The older material from Sam's private collection comprises 3 small barrels totaling 71L. The small barrel sizes have assisted in accelerating the development of these components to achieve heightened intensity and lusciousness. These components of the fortified are between 10-23 years old. Sam has blended and adjusted the 3 small barrels by adding in 10-year-old material every year for 13 years. 

The Vineyard

Multi regional blend from Barossa Valley, Langhorne Creek and McLaren Vale.


1 - 25 years

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Awards + Reviews

Angus Hughson - Wine Pilot

90 Points

Taste profile

Primary flavors


Vanilla is a result of oak aging. The wood acts as a seasoning to add flavor and texture to a wine.


One of the tartest red fruits, raspberry has a distinctive flavour and aroma that’s relished in desserts and confectionery. Given these characteristics, it’s more commonly detected as a primary aroma in ripe and fruit-forward red wines with medium to high acidity.


The term buttery describes wine with a rich, creamy texture with aromas or flavors reminiscent of melted butter or toasty oak. This characteristic is most often found in white wines, particularly Chardonnay, which is usually aged in oak barrels.

Secondary flavors


Depending on how much toasting the barrel has had, the flavours will differ. If the barrels have had light toasting, the toasty characteristics will be more subtle. As the toasting becomes heavier, the characteristics become stronger flavours:
Light Toasting – Cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, coconut or caramel
Medium Toasting – Coffee, cocoa, toast, caramel, vanilla or honey
Heavy Toasting – Vanilla, smoke, crème brûlée, butterscotch, toffee


The main defining factors of honey are its sweetness and its viscosity. Therefore as a tasting note it's often applied to sweeter wines or dessert wines, which are more syrupy in taste and density than other wines.