Gold Medal Mixed Pack

Gold Medal Mixed Pack

SIZE 750mL
TYPE Mixed
VARIETAL Chardonnay, GSM

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These mixed 6-pack features three bottles each of our gold medal-winning Watkins Chardonnay and Watkins GSM, both honored at the Melbourne International Wine Show.
This mixed 6-pack would normally be priced at $150, but we're just so darn excited that we are offering these award-winning wines to you for $120.
Be quick, there's a limited number of only 20 packs available.

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Awards + Reviews

Melbourne International Wine Show

Gold Medal

Taste profile

Primary flavors

Green Apple

A wine tasting ‘green’ is not the same as having flavours from the ‘green fruit’ category, such as green apple and pear. Green apple flavour enhances wine with a tangy or crisp element.


A perfectly ripe plucked strawberry offers the quintessence of flavor. And what a flavor! Juicy. Tangy. Fresh. While perhaps not equal to the pleasure of summer foraging, finding notes of strawberry in wine yields delight in good measure.

Secondary flavors


One of the tartest red fruits, raspberry has a distinctive flavour and aroma that’s relished in desserts and confectionery. Given these characteristics, it’s more commonly detected as a primary aroma in ripe and fruit-forward red wines with medium to high acidity.


Lemon imparts crisp, zesty notes dance on the palate. From zest to pith to juice to candied rind, from salty eggy lemon curd to sweeter tangy flesh, lemon flavour often lives where wine’s acidity crackles.