2020 Meritage Quartet

2020 Meritage Quartet

SIZE 750mL
TYPE Full Bodied Red
VARIETAL Bordeaux Blend

Deep, intense garnet in colour in the glass

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39% Cabernet Franc worked for optimal extraction for 15 days on skins, 39% Merlot cool fermented gently for 9 days on skins, 18% of our 2020 Classic Cabernet Sauvignon, 4% Petit Verdot. Cabernet Franc spent 4 months in older, mostly American oak, Merlot saw 3:2 ratio of American to Hungarian oak, Petit Verdot went to barrel for a short time to soften off before blending.

The Vineyard

The maritime influence at our Langhorne Creek vineyard that is created by the afternoon sea breezes allows fruit flavours to evolve without excessive sugar production. The limestone based soils create wines of power and elegance with great varietal character. This vineyard is ideal for precision control over water use on the vines and known to provide more structural wines.


1 - 8 years

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Awards + Reviews

Winestate Magazine

94 Points, 4 Stars

The Wine Reviewer - Patrick Eckel

91 Points

Taste profile

Primary flavors


The flavors of Plums can span from red to black, from freshness to sweetness to Prunes. Red Plum flavors are found in easy-drinking red wines. Black Plum flavors are found in full bodied red wines.


Blackberry is a primary fruit aroma found in red wine and often tastes earthy and rustic, sometimes with a sweet edge.


While some wines smell remarkably blue, only a few wines taste distinctly of the actual blueberry fruit. Instead the flavor can often be found hiding in layers of taste, swirled amongst other fruits in a decidedly delicious blue concoction of floral sweetness and acidity.

Secondary flavors


Vanilla is a result of oak aging. The wood acts as a seasoning to add flavor and texture to a wine.


The chocolate and mocha flavors common in wine come from oak. There's no real chocolate in your wine but winemakers use toasted French or American oak to give your wine rich dark and milk chocolate and cocoa flavors.